Lingual retainers

After you complete your teeth-straightening treatment with braces or Invisalign®, your orthodontist will give you a retainer to ensure your teeth stay in alignment. If you need to wear a retainer for a significant amount of time, your orthodontist may suggest a lingual retainer.

At Nicolas Orthodontics, Dr. Nicolas and our staff look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams with lingual retainers.

What are the benefits of fixed lingual retainers?

A lingual retainer is a permanent retainer that bonds to the back of your teeth. Bonded lingual retainers are highly effective, particularly for children and teens. With a permanent retainer, there is no risk of their retainers breaking or getting lost. Since a lingual retainer sits behind the teeth, it will not be visible when your child smiles, helping to boost their self-confidence.

Wearing a lingual retainer offers many benefits compared to a removable retainer. A lingual retainer is relatively smooth for a comfortable experience. Over time, you may even forget there is a device in your mouth.

With a lingual retainer, you will be able to speak normally immediately after installation, and it does not affect your everyday activities.

How much do lingual retainers cost?

The cost of a lingual retainer may change depending on your needs. If your orthodontist recommends you receive a bottom and top retainer, your price may double. Often, your orthodontist will include the cost of your retainer in the bill for your braces or Invisalign. Lingual retainers can offer a high return on investment, as you will never have to pay for a replacement after loss or damage.

Lingual retainer care

Caring for your teeth is especially vital when you have a lingual retainer in place. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth regularly while paying particular attention to the back of your teeth. Avoid eating large amounts of foods that may cause damage to your teeth, such as sticky candies or crunchy snacks like chips. Most importantly, be sure to schedule and attend regular checkups to ensure your teeth are clean and healthy.

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We believe a beautiful smile is possible at any age and offer orthodontic treatments for children and adults. Our office provides various orthodontic treatment options, and we can cater each treatment to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

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