Invisalign® for kids

Invisalign for kids

If your child is experiencing orthodontic issues, such as unevenly spaced teeth, we can help. As experienced orthodontists, we understand how to provide effective preventive care for patients of all ages. We offer Invisalign for kids at our Boca Raton and Boynton Beach offices to ensure your child’s teeth improve as they develop.

We’re top-quality Invisalign providers, and we create a positive atmosphere that prioritizes your child’s overall experience and helps them make the most of their dental health.

Does Invisalign work for kids?

While Invisalign is generally considered for adult’s dental health, it can be an effective solution for children with various issues. Invisalign is especially useful for correcting problems before children’s teeth mature and become more complicated to correct. Whatever orthodontic issues your child is experiencing, Invisalign could be a viable solution since it can provide treatment for complex and simple problems.

Whether your child’s teeth are overcrowded, spaced too far apart or both, Invisalign can easily realign their teeth without any sharp wires commonly associated with traditional braces. Invisalign is also easy to use, so your child will quickly learn how to take care of their retainers and enjoy straighter teeth.

Invisalign treatment process for children

At Nicolas Partners, we are firm believers that a child can get Invisalign and experience similar advantages as adults. Our Invisalign treatment is beneficial for children, as it will:

  • Prioritize their comfort since the retainers are less likely to poke their mouths or gums.
  • Lead to healthy hygiene habits since it’s easier to brush and floss with aligners compared to traditional braces.
  • Make teeth realignment simple since it only requires updated retainers.

We understand every individual is unique, so your child receives the customized care they need for a stunning smile. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will make your child as comfortable as possible to ensure that they enjoy their visits and understand how to use and properly care for their Invisalign retainers.

We begin the Invisalign treatment process by taking impressions of your child’s teeth using our advanced iTero® digital impression system. This system allows us to upload images of their teeth onto the Invisalign website and create an outline of their future appointments and care.

Schedule an Invisalign appointment for your child

Invisalign treatment could be the right choice for your child and help foster positive dental habits for the years to come. Our team is experienced with the Invisalign treatment process, so you can feel confident in the level and quality of care that your child will receive when you turn to our services for kids in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach.